PostGIS provides spatial objects for the PostgreSQL object-relational database, allowing efficient storage, query, and analysis of location information.


GeoServer is a powerful map and feature server for sharing, analyzing, and editing geospatial data from any major spatial data source using open standards.


GeoWebCache accelerates delivery of web maps by caching map tiles upfront or on-demand.


GeoExplorer is an application for composing, styling, editing, and publishing maps from the browser.

Getting Started

Step 1: Load your data

Use GeoExplorer to upload shapefiles directly into PostGIS database tables and serve through GeoServer.

Alternately, use pgShapeLoader to convert local shapefiles to tables in your PostGIS database and the Layer Importer to load your database tables into GeoServer.

If you are looking for data to get started, the Natural Earth Data has free shapefiles available for download.

Step 2: Style your layers

Use GeoExplorer and its built-in graphical styling tools to design the look and feel for each map layer.

Step 3: Edit your data

Use GeoExplorer to create and edit features graphically, right in the browser, on any layers served through GeoServer.

Step 4: Compose and publish your map

GeoExplorer save your finished map such that it can be embedded in any web page.

Advanced: Make your own mapping application

Use the OpenGeo Webapp SDK and associated tutorial to create and deploy your own custom mapping application.


OpenGeo Suite

OpenGeo Suite powers web, mobile, and desktop applications across the enterprise. Built on leading open source software - including PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, and OpenLayers - OpenGeo Suite optimizes standards-based technology for organizations large and small.


Boundless is the most trusted provider of enterprise-grade, open source geospatial software. From database to server to client, Boundless reduces the costs of developing, deploying, and maintaining geospatial software. Boundless is where companies turn when they want to free themselves of the rigid architectures and unsustainable pricing models of proprietary geospatial software.

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